Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Links of Interest

Updated 3/2017-- all links removed as many no longer active.

These links are of interest to me and perhaps will be to you.
Today is  @jordangrumet’s birthday.  Did you know he has published a book of his poetry?  I have my copy which I am enjoying.  Read his post on how to obtain your copy.

Via @FauquierENT who tweeted this:  “Creative Ways to Wear a Scarf for Patients with a Trach or Ugly Neck Scar http://bit.ly/NfdmSG”   Not all the 25 ways shown in the video would actually work for patients with trach but enough of them do.  All of them would work for the rest of us who might just want to know more than one way to wear a scarf.  Check it out.

Have you read @joannacannon’s post  “Watch Out For The Normal People”?   If not, then I recommend you do so.  It is wonderful.

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