Monday, June 18, 2012

Help Me Drive 55

I saw a flyer at work today for an upcoming blood drive.  The last few years I given blood on my birthday.  This year (in just 6 wks) I will turn 55.   It occurred to me as I was walking my dog and listening to Sammy Hagar sing “I can’t drive 55” that perhaps with a little help from you I could “drive 55”  of you to donate blood.
I would like to ask my readers, family, and friends to go to your local hospital or Red Cross and donate a unit of blood.  Then let me know that you did either by comment here or by sending me a tweet.  You can donate in honor of a friend/family undergoing cancer therapy or one who is getting ready for a major surgery or simply as a “gift” to me on my 55th birthday.
While it is true that we aren’t as quick to transfuse individuals with chronic conditions, blood is still very  much needed for acute bleeding situations such as  trauma, burns, major surgery, GI bleeds.

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DocBastard said...

I used to donate blood 4 times a year, though my busy schedule won't allow it. There was a blood drive at one of my hospitals this past week, and I stopped by. This is a VERY worthy cause, so even though your post didn't technically drive me to the needle, you can count me in.

- DocBastard