Friday, July 8, 2011

Montage Baby Quilt

The inspiration for this baby quilt was a Facebook friend photo montage.  Different size photos were placed together in the montage.  I sketched out the measurements and then went through my fabrics.  This is the result.

The quilt is machine pieced and quilted.  It measures 39 in square.

These next few photos allow you to see the fabrics better.  Here the baby/child will be able to find dogs, a donkey, horses, zebras, and a tiger.
This section contains sunflowers, a turtle, a butterfly, more of the horse/zebra fabrics, and a peacock feather.
This section contains bees, a boy and his dog, a cow, and more zebras.

The baby is a lovely yellow and white cotton.  The label has a monkey.


It has been given to a friend and his wife.


SeaSpray said...

I LOVE it!

You must have so much fun creating these quilts.

I may've told you this already, but I have a baby quilt that was made by an aunt for our first son. She used peanuts curtains, old dresses and other fabric. and on one side are some numbers and abc's in squares. Not a lot ..but enough that when they were little ..we'd play a game and I'd ask where the 1 or the c is and they would enthusiastically touch the c while exclaiming "C!" and so on.

They will have fun with yours ...not to mention it is special because you made it for them.

Chrysalis said...

How cute is that? I just love the label, too!