Friday, June 17, 2011

Rooster Quilt

This miniature quilt is made using a feed sack which held rice.  The rooster logo is framed by a black and then a red/black sash.  The quilt measures 10.5 in X 12.75 in.  It is machine pieced.  It is machine and hand quilted.

This photo shows the rooster and quilting better.  The rooster is quilted with cross-hatching while the outer area is an intertwined cable.  These were hand quilted.  The area next to the black strip was machine quilted “in-the-ditch.”
The back has a sleeve for hanging.


CluckyRN said...

LOVE IT! Just found your blog on Twitter. I used the quilt, tat, cross stitch and crochet, but the gardening bug hit HARD. Now that my grass allergies basically have me in a bubble this summer, I think I will start quilting again. I want to start with teaching my daughter how to make a "quilt as you go" log cabin quilt. She is 12, and has a natural knack :)

Your work is beautiful! No WAY would I ever put my stitches up against yours! LOL

rlbates said...

Thank you. I hope you do teach your daughter. :)