Saturday, December 4, 2010

Macramé Covered Clothes Hanger

Updated 3/2017-- all links removed as many are no longer active and it was easier than checking each one.

Almost two weeks ago my friend Jabulani tweeted a photo of a covered hanger project she was working on. I tweeted a photo of a macramé covered hanger I had made a few years ago. As there was interest in how to do mine and as I could find no instructions online to direct folks to, I decided to try to do a show-and-tell.
The supplies you will need are a wire coat hanger, twine, two rubber bands, tape, and fabric glue. Cut approximately 6-7 yards of twine twice. [I used 10 yds and had just under 5 left on each.] To make them easier to handle and to avoid tangling, coil and secure with a rubber band.
Now that all your supplies are gathered, let’s begin.
Tape the loose ends of each twine coil to the end of the hanger hook. The ends of the twine should point towards the upsweep of the hook and will be covered with the knots. Begin tying your square knots. Note that one twine length always goes behind the wire and one in front.
This photo is meant only to show you how the knots will cover the taped ends.
In these next two photos I hope to show you how the square knot is formed, but you may find the instructions here helpful (link removed 3/2017).
The “pink” cord on the left is brought over the front of the wire. The “green” cord on the right is then brought over the “pink” cord, taken behind the wire and then come up and over the “pink” cord.
The “pink” cord is now on the right.  It is brought over the front of the wire and under the “green” cord.  The “green” cord then wraps behind the wire and up over the “pink” cord.

Those two steps are repeated until the entire wire is covered.  When you first come to the juncture of the hook and hanger body continue along either limb.  You will eventually come back to that juncture which is where you end.
When you have finished covering the entire wire with square knots, cut your twine.  Snug the twine into the juncture and using the fabric glue secure it here.  Cut off the extra twine.

You now have a nicely covered wire hanger.


Anonymous said...

I love this! What a wonderful way to save wire hangers.

Annelisa said...

That's a really great idea...might stop some of those bumps in the clothes as well!

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