Sunday, June 13, 2010

Egg on My Face

Yesterday, Gizabeth, my husband, and I took a road trip to see the medical history exhibit at the Old Jail Museum in Greenwood, Arkansas. We had decided to make the museum for our daytrip after Google (yes, they share some of the egg – smile) maps put Greenwood just 8 miles from Altus and the Arkansas wineries.
We had a lovely day planned – leave Little Rock around 8:30 am, drive through McDonald’s for coffee (I love their coffee!), head to the museum which opened at 11 am (est time of first leg a little over 2 hr), have lunch at one of the winery restaurants, and then visit the flea market/farmer’s market in the Altus town square.
First error of the day: Greenwood, AR is NOT next to Altus, but there is a Greenwood Community located there. Notice the Greenwood, AR not marked by Google over to the west near Fort Smith and the Oklahoma- Arkansas border. That’s where we needed to be.

After stopping to ask directions in “Greenwood”, we got back on the road and headed west. We finally got to the museum which is located in an old jail, hence the name – Old Jailhouse Museum.
My second mistake – the medical history exhibit was in 2009, not this year. We enjoyed the visit anyway.
The museum grounds also has this wonderful dog-trot log cabin! At one time my grandmother on my father’s side lived in one of these. I loved the place. It is always cool in that center (dog-trot) area in the summer. Always has a nice breeze.

I did notice a couple of items with a medical bend. Here’s an old wooden wheelchair. Can you imagine having to use this?

This old wringer washing machine was the source of some horrible injuries to arms. I grew up using a wringer washing machine (a “newer” model than this). Mother got a non-wringer machine after I went to college.

This photo shows the damage tornados can do.

We ate a late lunch at a local diner, the Bulldog, then headed back to Little Rock. Glizabeth needed to be back by 5 pm (we were back by 5:20 pm) as she had a wedding to attend.
Even with the “egg on my face” stuff (or maybe because of it), we had a great day full of conversation, laughter, and music.


Vijay said...

"The best laid schemes o' mice an' men Gang aft agley" - Robert Burns, To A Mouse.
Glad you all had fun!

purplesque said...

Glad the egg wasn't all bad.

Love that wringer machine! We had a similar one in our house growing up- I never saw my mother use it, but it was so much one to try and squeeze silly putty through it.

Chrysalis said...

As long as you have great people to go with, even the mishaps become part of the adventure.

Gizabeth Shyder said...

The mishaps were certainly a part of the adventure! We had a blast. Learned that we need to call and check for future attempts at touring medical museums. But it was definitely not a day wasted.