Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Domestic Violence

Updated 3/2017 -- all links removed as many no longer active. and it was easier than checking each one.

A car door slammed.  My husband rose quickly and went to look out the kitchen window.  Not sure who held the two flashlights, he shouted “Who’s there?  Identify yourself.”
“County Sheriff officers,”  the reply came.
I opened the front door (as my husband went to put up his gun).  Rusty ran through the door and down the walk towards the officer who quickly went back out the gate.  “He’s friendly,” I called.
“Do you know YN?” 
“Yes, she lives across the street.”
“We received a call saying her boyfriend had beaten her up and she has a head injury.  We can’t get anyone to answer the door.”
By this time my husband had reappeared.  “Give me a minute to get some shoes and go over with you.”
“Do you know your neighbor well,”  the office asked as we waited for my husband to dress.
“Only well enough to say hello.  Wave as we pass.  She recently told us about having a restraining order on her boyfriend.  He’s not suppose to come around.  She asked us to keep an eye out.”
The office speaks into his walkie-talkie, “There’s a restraining order.  We’re in the correct place.   Headed back with the neighbor to look again.”
My husband comes back out the door and heads over with the officers.  I head back inside.  The clock says 3:35 am.
When he returns, he tells me they got no answer.  Her car isn’t there either.  She had called for help using her cell phone, but had not given a location.  Returns calls from the sheriff’s office all were going to voice mail.
We tried to get back to sleep, hoping they would find her.

AARDVARC.org stands for “An Abuse, Rape and Domestic Violence Aid and Resource Collection” and has a list of numbers by county in the state of Arkansas for help.
In Pulaski County:
Crisis Response Team (Maumelle)                   501-803-3388
Dorcas House (Little Rock)                                 501-374-4022
Victim/Witness Program                                      501-340-8000
Women and Children First (Little Rock)         501-376-3219

Another source for Arkansas Shelters is Arkansas Coalition Against Domestic Violence.  
If you are in danger:
Call 911
Your local hotline or
U.S. hotline 800-799-SAFE (7233)
Teen Dating Abuse Helpline:


BrainDame said...

This sort of thing happens all too often. I hope the end of the story was not as dire as we fear.

rlbates said...

I finally heard an update. She's okay. Her injuries are minor (this time).

Vijay said...

Domestic violence is very commonplace in my part of the world.
What is remarkable (for me) in this story is the fact that B took his gun along when he went to inspect/investigate. That would never happen here!
Glad to know your neighbour is okay. This time.

Albinoblackbear said...

Relieved to hear the outcome.

Chilling nonetheless.

Chrysalis said...

I'm glad to hear she wasn't more seriously injured. These cases are just awful. Restraining orders just don't keep them at bay. I hope she takes a self defense class if it's at all possible.

I think all women would benefit from knowing some of the marital arts defenses. You don't have to be a big woman to bring a man to his knees, if you know what to do and where to strike (and I'm not talking about the obvious).