Thursday, March 4, 2010

Autoaugmentation Mastopexy After Breast Implant Removal – an Article Review

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This is a nice article, but I take exception to the  term “autoaugmentation”  as it is simply a repositioning of the breast tissue as part of the mastopexy.  I would say the term “autoaugmentation” is simply marketing as no augmentation has taken place.   The mastopexy helps reshape the breast, making it look better – higher, firmer, more tissue behind the nipple.
Autoaugmentation of the breast can be achieved following implant removal when mastopexy is planned without insertion of a new implant. This procedure corrects ptosis and increases the projection and apparent volume of the breast. The advantages of the technique are that it both minimizes the skin scar and optimizes the shape following upper-pole fullness and suture fixation of the pillars of the breast parenchyma. In addition, autoaugmentation mammaplasty is a good technique for patients desiring only an uplift following breast implant removal.
The article describes the procedure well.  There are nice photos of before, during, and after.  The journal (and its publishing company) has made the full article available via open access for which I say, thank you.

Inferior Pedicle Autoaugmentation Mastopexy After Breast Implant Removal;  Aesth Plast Surg [Received: 20 May 2008 / Accepted: 26 May 2009] DOI 10.1007/s00266-010-9471-4;
Johannes Franz Ho¨nig, Hans Peter Frey, Frank Michael Hasse, Jens Hasselberg (full article, pdf)

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