Monday, February 1, 2010

Arkansas Children's Hospital in the News

Let me first remind you that I live in Little Rock so am very proud of this local gem.
Arkansas Children’s Hospital has gotten some good press recently.  One story is from Palestine Children’s Relief Fund:  Iraqi girl has surgery in Arkansas
On January 24, 5-year-old Christine Makboob from Nineveh, Iraq had neurosurgery at Arkansas Children’s Hospital by Dr. Samer Elbabaa. This child was born with a spine deformity called tethered cord, which was causing her significant neurological disorders including incontinence and she could not be adequately treated in her war-torn country.
The above story was given more print in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, but unfortunately you need a paid subscription to read it online.
The following videos are from the Dateline story aired last night which featured several pediatric residents at Arkansas Children’s Hospital.  I am very impressed and agree with Dr. Nancy Synderman about the future of medicine if these residents are any indication.  We are in good hands.

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Dr. A said...

I saw this on Dateline last night. It was good stuff!