Thursday, January 14, 2010

“Suitable” for Plastic Surgery?

A few years ago I wrote about the “Suitability” of a patient for plastic surgery. I was reminded of this topic by two cases in the recent lay media:
The first involves Heidi Montag, 23, who in November had multiple surgical procedures and is being compared to Joan Rivers.
According to People, Montag even kept her family in the dark about her intended transformation to become her “best me.” Telling only her husband Spencer Pratt, Montag had a nose job revision, chin reduction, mini brow lift, Botox in her forehead and frown area, fat injections in her cheeks, nasolabial folds and lips, neck liposuction, ear pinning, liposuction on her waist, hips, inner and outer thighs, buttock augmentation and breast augmentation revision.
The other involves Annette Edwards, 57, who has had multiple procedures so she could look like Jessica Rabbit. 

My post “Suitability” remains relevant. Here is part of it:
The bottom line is: Not everyone is a candidate for aesthetic surgery. Nor is it possible to eliminate every possibility of dissatisfaction or conflict that might arise. Here are some suggestions for doctor and patient
  • Surgeon--Be a complete physician, not just a skilled technician.
  • Patient--Be a partner in your care. Give a full and honest medical/surgical history. Don't leave out any medications. What you do when recovering often will have major impact on the final result.
  • Surgeon--Avoid hyping your "unique" talent.
  • Patient-- Be honest about your reasons and expectations.
  • Surgeon--Strive to maintain good communication and rapport with your patient. Listen.
  • Patient-- Do your part in maintaining that good communication and rapport. Listen. If you don't understand, say so. Have your surgeon try to explain in another way.
  • Surgeon-- Be honest about your skills. We are all better at some procedures than others.
  • Patient -- Let your surgeon refer you to someone else, if they feel it is in your best interest. Don't "massage" his/her ego to try to get them to do it (I only want you to do it. I feel so comfortable with you. I know you are the best.)

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