Friday, December 11, 2009

Sampler Quilt in Blue, Green, and White

This sampler quilt began as a way to do something with three of the blocks I had made over the years for various projects and not used. Those three blocks are (#2, #8, #11). More recently were the left over autograph blocks which I used in 9-patch blocks #5, #10, and #12.

Blocks #1 and #9 are rail fence blocks using up strips of blue fabrics. Blocks #2, #6, and #7 are Ohio star blocks with working pockets as the centers. Blocks #4 and #11 are shoo fly blocks.

The quilt is 51 in X 65.5 in. It is machine pieced and quilted. I have given it to a friend’s mother.

I used a navy blue fabric for the back and the sashing. I decided (still not sure if it was a bold move or dumb as minor mistakes show up easily) to use a light gray thread in the bobbin so the quilting would show on the back. The next two photos show the front block and the corresponding back.

I love to recycle pockets into quilts. The Ohio star block is a nice one for showing off the pocket. I had to tie the center of the pocket area so the pocket would still function.

This back photo shows the quilting of #11 block.

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StitchinByTheLake said...

I love the idea of the pocket on the quilt - I haven't done that but I want to remember it next time I'm making a scrappy quilt. I've noticed that you give away a lot of quilts. A generous heart - the sign of a happy and contented and faithful person. blessings, marlene