Thursday, August 6, 2009

Medical News of Arkansas Article

 Updated 3/2017-- all links (except to my own posts) removed as many no longer active. and it was easier than checking each one.

Steve Brawner interviewed me over a month ago for an article on medical bloggers in Arkansas. I received my copy of the Medical News of Arkansas with the article (pdf) this past week. The article is titled “Docs Online: Medical Bloggers Enjoy Pluses, Avoid Perils.”
He focuses on four bloggers from Arkansas. I knew of two of the others (R. W. Donnell, MD and Victoria Powell, RN). The other one is a female pathologist who lives here in Little Rock too. I am the forth blogger.
Here are the other three:
R. W. Donnell, MD is a hospitalist in NW Arkansas. His blog is called “Notes from Dr RW.” He has been blogging since July 2005. His blog “helps keep his reading current on clinical medical topics and public policy issues.”
Victoria Powell, RN is a nurse consultant in Benton, Arkansas. Her blog is “VP-Medical.” She began her blog in October 2007. As she puts it, “It allows me a commercial opportunity without shouting from the rooftop, ‘Hey, look what I can do’.”
Elizabeth Schneider, MD is a Baptist Health pathologist, Little Rock, Arkansas. Her blog is “Methodical Madness.” She began her blog on election day 2008. Her blog is mostly personal, “a way for her to release some creative energies after a day of looking through the microscope.”
I know of another physician blogger from Arkansas, but she wasn’t interviewed. Jen is a 2nd year radiology resident at UAMS. She began blogging in June 2006. Her blog used to be called “And Then Sum” but recently changed to “This I Write.” Her blog is mostly personal with a little medical.
I'm a mom to three rambunctious boys, a wife to a wonderful man, and a radiology resident. So, I basically write about my twisted world of medicine and motherhood.
And did you know that Paul Levy, Running a Hospital, has an Arkansas connection? That’s right, he used to live and work in Arkansas (Director, Arkansas Department of Energy).
Anyone know of any others? Physician, nurse, EMT, etc bloggers in Arkansas? I would love to know.


Gizabeth Shyder said...

Thanks for the mention in your blog! Nice to know about another young mom out there.

You are so plugged into the medical community - my blog community is non-medical. Friends and family. I really like following your blog because it keeps me up in tune to the medical arena.

rlbates said...

You are so welcome, Dr Schneider. Maybe we should have lunch sometime. :)

Anonymous said...

Very informative blog and gorgeous quilts.

I left you a comment/question on an old post about subungual tumors. Any insight would very much be appreciated.

Here is the link to that older post:

Anonymous said...

Our new (to be announced tomorrow) chief of OB/GYN, John Yeh, was raised in LIttle Rock. Joining us from Buffalo.

rlbates said...

Paul, is he related to Dr I-Tien Yeh? She was in my medical school class. Smart lady!