Saturday, September 20, 2008

For My Dog

Rusty, my chocolate Labrador, has a stuffed duck that he adores. He carries it around, tosses it in the air and catches it, brings it to me for playtime. He has had this duck for over six months now. The "quacker" in it still works. It has been washed a couple of times.

Earlier this week I noticed that it has a hole that needed repaired.

Since I adore Rusty, I got out the needle and thread and did the repair for him.

He is very happy that duck remains around for more playtime.

I am happy that Rusty remains around for more playtime with me. It has been a year since we lost Girlfriend, but she remains in my heart and thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Rusty looks like a beautiful dog!

I have a black border collie x lab who is about 6 months old now... He has a stuffed Winnie the Pooh toy... And he does what Rusty does with the duck - toss it up in the air and catching it, bringing it to the clothes basket when I am trying to hang out the washing, or putting it in the basket when I am bringing in the clean clothes/linen (I suppose it is better than attacking my toes)... I dread the day that Winnie passes away, poor Rustle will be so depressed...

I really enjoy reading your blog. I work in an operating theatre in Australia as the admin person.

Bardiac said...

See, being a plastic surgeon DOES give you handy dog skills!

(When I repair dog toys, it usually looks like the Frankenstein Creature or involves a lot of duct tape.)

I hope Rusty enjoys the duck!

make mine trauma said...

My recently departed Border Collie had a stuffed Barney. He has always had an assortment of stuffed toys but I got him a Barney specifically because I find Barney so annoying. It was strangely satisfying to watch it being meticulously shred, and as each new hole was sewn up, the creature took on an a new deformed, (first a missing limb, then the head implodes as the stuffing is pulled out) grotesque shape that was both amusing and intriguing.

Anonymous said...

Oh! Rusty is a happy boy!

Medical Quack said...

How could I not comment here! I like the choice of toys!

My dog has a few ducks too and I hate to admit this, but most of his toys are ducks, but look at what his owner is:)

Unknown said...

Rusty and his ducky and your story make me giggle.

My mom has a smooth collie named Belle. She is a beauty, with a soft mouth (like your Rusty) so she gets cuddly toys too. She even has the very same mallard! And yep, mama keeps a sewing kit for Belle's babies, when they get a bit too tooth-worn.

I have bulldogs. Y'know what a soft toy looks like after a bullie has at it? Ewwww... worse than roadkill. Just completely unsalvagable. Then they get intestinal impaction from dietary indiscretion after eating the stuffing and several thousand dollars later we realize... NO more soft toys for bulldogs.

See how lucky you are? Rusty is a stunner!

mark's tails said...

6 Months! A toy like that wouldn't last 2 days with Abby, she will chew the stitching so she can get at the stuffing inside.

Even with a stuffed duck you don't leave a scar.
P.S. Rusty is a beautiful dog.

rlbates said...

Mark, my old dog Columbo would have "gutted" it withing 5 minutes. I have been very surprised that Rusty hasn't.

Mary said...

I love toy ducks! Especially ones that quack! That's awesome! I know how rusty feels. I have a doll that used to rip alot and I had a friend who would sew him up for me. But now that I haven't seen that person for years, I have to be more careful with my little doll. Although now I can sort of sew him up myself, I'm no expert. I should get my mom to do it. Anyway!! I'm glad that rusty has you to put his ducks in a row ;)