Friday, August 22, 2008

An Easy Presentation Pillowcase

 Updated 3/2017--all links removed as many are no longer active and it was easier than checking each one.

If you have read this blog for very long, you know that I make quilts (finished or just the tops) for the Quilt of Valor Foundation. The first year or so, all that was asked for was the quilt. Later they asked that we make a "presentation pillowcase" to go with the quilt. I must say I don't really enjoy making the pillowcases. I'd rather stick to making the tops, but that's part of it.
It hit me as I was walking through Wal-Mart this past fall and noticed the travel pillow case display that these would work wonderfully! They have zippers and are made of cotton, so easy to wash if needed. All I would need to do would be to decorate them. The pillow cases are inexpensive (less than $3) and are for 15 in X 20 in pillows. This is large enough for the 50 in X 70 in quilts to be folded up and placed inside for "presentation".
For this example, I used the Clover fusible web, 5 mm, and ironed it to the back of a flag with the edges folded under.
I then ironed the flag to the pillowcase. You could stop here, but I then hem-stitched the flag to the pillowcase to ensure that it would hold long-term.

The finished pillowcase can then be used to hold the quilt top, backing fabric, and binding when sent to the long-arm quilter. Later it will hold the finished quilt and used to "present" the quilt to the soldier.

You can find instructions for other presentation pillowcases here.

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StitchinByTheLake said...

Great idea! Since I hate putting in zippers - I can do it but I hate it - this would be a great idea for storing some of my small quilts. blessings, marlene