Monday, March 17, 2008

Shadowfax is Back and BALD!

  Updated 3/2017-- all links removed as many no longer active as it was easier than checking each one.

You may recall my post back in early February -- Hair for Charity. Fellow medical blogger, Shadowfax, over at Movin' Meat was going to shave his head for charity. You can read his initial posts--"I'm a Beautiful Man" and "I get letters" that highlight his reasons. Well, he did it!!!
You can see his photos here. He raised $16,060.00, though you can continue to donate! Good work, Shadowfax!


Dreaming again said...

Hi there. I was perusing Ebay for blue willow (actually not looking to buy, but looking for a particular pattern I can't nail down)

I saw this and thought of you

rlbates said...

PK, it's nice to be thought of. Lovely fabric.

jmb said...

It was a really great effort and it was great to see who is behind the shadowfax name finally.