Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Tree Skirt

Here are some pictures (I finally found) of a Christmas tree skirt I made for a friend and his family. Vern McConnell, MD died in 1995. I told his wife, Jane, that I would be happy to make a quilt from his bow ties and shirts. Two years later she was ready and mailed me a large box of some of his clothing and ties. This is one of the items I made the family. The snowmen are from a terry cloth shirt (tennis shirt I think). Their scarfs are from the shirts and ties. The presents under the trees are from the labels on the ties and shirts. Some great labels! The buttons are from the clothing. The background fabric is a deep blue velvet that I had from making a dress.

The trees are just some green cotton fabric I had in my "stash".
The hats are both from his clothing and my fabric stash.
I made a several wagons using a label and buttons.

The "globe" was a label I turned into a ball.


jmb said...

What a lovely thing to do for that family R. I'll bet they treasure it and use it to include him in their celebration.

Have a wonderful Christmas with your family.

gelci72 said...


rlbates said...

Thanks, T.

Anonymous said...

It was a most lovely thing to do ! My youngest (at 18 yrs) still has one of your quilts on his bed, THANK YOU FOR EVER, Love,
Kathleen McConnell

rlbates said...

Kathleen, that makes me happy. Thank you.