Friday, October 26, 2007

Humane Society Day Planner

Updated 3/2017-- all links (except to my own posts) removed as many no longer active.

Our local humane society (Pulaski County Humane Society) began publishing a Day Planner in 2005. It has turned into a very good fund raiser for them. Last night was the debute of the 2008 seen here. I ordered several that first year to give as Christmas presents. They were such a big hit the first year, I've had to keep doing it.
The first year (2005) we put a picture of my first "true" pet--Columbo-- in the calendar. He had died in November 2002 at age 9 yrs from a strange abdominal cancer. Despite both human and veterinarian pathologist looking at the slides, no diagnosis could be given other than a malignancy. He was an extremely cool dog!

He would carry 5 gallon buckets around the yard, roll the bucket,
and toss it in the air with his head.

He loved to catch soccer balls as they bounced off the roof.

The next year (2006) we put Ladybug's photo in. I posted about her here. She died in May 2002 from osteosarcoma of her left maxilla. The "thing" in her mouth is a rolled up raw hide, not a cigar. She was quite the charmer!

This past year (2007) we had Girlfriend's photo in the calendar. We lost her this year to a canine hemangiosarcoma. I still can not make myself change my profile to say I only have one dog rather than two. I will do it someday, but not today. I still miss her too much. I keep having to correct myself when I tell someone I'm "off to walk my dogs".

This year (for 2008) we had two sets of photos put in. One for our neighbors who lost their beloved Maggie, a border collie, to old age. And the other for my brother and his wife (who live in South Carolina)--someone had poisoned several of their dogs by adding anti-freeze to some food and giving it to the dogs. In the calendar, the photos are placed on two memorial pages (didn't photograph well for me to show you).
Next year my husband says is Rusty's year. I've got to work on getting a really good picture of him. He too is a character! Check out this video of him "playing" basketball.


Chrysalis said...

That is so cute, watching him play. I watch mine using his imagination as he plays. He'll act like he's stalking something and then pounce on it I should take a video of that and post it. Beautiful photos of your dogs. Awful, about the people who poisoned those other dogs. I don't know how people can do such things.

Johann The Dog said...

So many best friends lost to cancer and other horrible means. Thanks for sharing my post on Pet Cancer Awareness Month. Sure hope it helps some pups.

Woofs, johann