Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Paper Work

Most of us have too much paper work these days. There are patient notes to write or dictate, then review and sign. Operative notes. A letter to the patient's insurance for pre-determination/pre-approval of a procedure. Followup on said letter. Insurance billing statements, quarterly tax reports, etc. There are hospital privilege renewals, FDA license renewals, business property assessment forms, etc. Most of it is not fun by any stretch of the imagination.

In quilting, there is a technique called paper piecing. This is paper work that can be fun.

  • It helps to get "points" sharp when dealing with triangles as in my Flying Geese or the Thanksgiving Star pattern or the New York Beauty pattern. It works well for pictorial blocks or the more complex circular Flying Geese. If you want to learn how to draft your own patterns, start simple. There is an order to which pieces are sewn first. More complex pictures/patterns may need to be done in sections and then sewn together. Shorten your stitch length on your sewing machine. This makes removing the paper when you are done much easier. Try it sometime. This may become paper work you enjoy.

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