Friday, August 24, 2012

Old Log Cabin Quilt

Here's the other quilt my paternal grandmother made.  It isn't dated as the autograph one was, but I think it must have been pieced in the mid-to-late 1960's as the other one was.  It was was quilted by my mother and sister Cathy.  It measures 68 in X 83 in.


Here is a close up

And here

This one shows the damage done when I took it on a camping trip at the end of medical school.  I was wrapped in it to get warm after floating down the Buffalo and caught a couple of sparks from the campfire.  I regret the damage, but have good memories of the trip with DeWayne Nash, Ken Carpenter (deceased), Joe Cloud, and Gene Hardin  (those guys were like brothers to me).  Sure hope the ones who can will be at our 30th class reunion this weekend.


Here's a picture from the camping trip.


organicgreen doctor said...

yes i remember that fateful trip well

rlbates said...

Wish you had made it to the reunion weekend. We have missed you.

Chrysalis said...

Ha. You look so cute bundled up! Hope you had fun at that reunion.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Ramona - oh if quilts could talk! :)

Imagine all the stories your quilts could tell ...conversations spoken during it's creation and events present for.

I agree with Angel - you look cute all wrapped up in it. Must've been COLD!

pretty quilt. You know I love that turquoise in there. Happy Labor day. :)