Thursday, February 19, 2009

How Not to Do Buttocks Enhancement

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In this day and age when physicians are facing being rated like the local plumber or restaurant on Zagat, it astounds me that anyone would allow a non-physician to perform cosmetic enhancement “injections” in their home.  That seems to be what women in Florida have done to the detriment of their health (ABC Action News).
Two women who wanted cosmetic injections to enhance their bottoms are now recovering in a Town N' Country Hospital with severe infections. 
Deputies say Andrea Lee and Zakiya Teagle thought they were getting injections that were safe and would provide them with the appearance they wanted.  Instead, the person who injected them apparently is on the run and detectives want to find her.
Hillsborough County Sheriff's office says Sharhonda Lindsay of Tampa is wanted for practicing medicine without a license. A warrant for her arrest was issued Monday.
They say Lindsay injected the women's buttocks several times and was paid hundreds of dollars for her efforts.   But after leaving her home, the two were in so much pain and had to go to the hospital for treatment.
On Monday night, one of the two women was in critical condition after her kidneys stopped functioning.
While there are safe ways to cosmetically enhance buttocks, silicone injections is not one of them.  Silicone injections into soft tissue in the United States has been illegal for many years now.  Silicone injections into the face and breasts were once used for enhancement in those areas, but led to many disfiguring problems.
When liquid silicone is injected into soft tissue (face, breasts, buttocks) it can migrate to other areas.  The body often reacts to the silicone by forming benign tumors called siliconomas.
Good physicians won’t do liquid silicone injections.  They will use fat injections.  They will do buttock implants.

Safe methods for buttocks enhancement include:
Micro-fat grafting
Buttock Reduction/Contouring
Gluteal Implants
Buttock Lifts
Combination of the Above
It is important to go to a well trained plastic or cosmetic surgeon.  Do not go to a friend who offers to do the injection in their home.

List of Legal Injectable Fillers (FDA)
Suture for a Living post on Buttocks Enhancement


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